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The mission of World Profit Partners is to assist foreign business entities wishing to establish a presence in the USA, South American, or European markets. WPP is postured to assist in every area associated with that expansion or relocation effort. Due to our size we are fast, flexible, and responsive.

WPP provides a full range of services to​:

  • New business ventures

  • Business expansion

  • Business strategies and evaluations

  • Executive employment and career options

    This is an area where there are many approaches which can help ease entry into the US. A knowledgeable resource can help expedite the process.
    Establishing a legal presence in the US is an important first step.
    Filling key positions with competent local nationals will be one of the most important steps taken. Knowledge of local laws and customs is essential to this process.
    Because of local laws, regulations, and regional characteristics, potential sites must be carefully researched and analyzed prior to committing to a specific locale.
    From the very beginning you must be able to understand the tax and financial implications of your business and have access to expert council.
    The US is a large geography with much regional diversity which affects inbound/outbound freight and the available modality. Careful analysis must be performed prior to any location decisions.
    Perhaps the most important element in any move to the US. A heavily detailed plan addressing nesting, sustainability, conversion, and an aggressive business plan is essential. KPIs, metrics, and key events must be established and monitored.
    Funding requirements must be considered early in the process. Best to have a well thought out plan which addresses contingency needs as one of the very firsts steps in the process.
    Regardless of the nature of the business, there will undoubtedly be a body of rules and permit requirements which apply. Failing to comply can be disastrous. Up front knowledge is imperative.
    Market research and analysis is an important first step which will define the direction and scope of the entire effort.

WPP is your resource for:

The American and European economies are strong with growth potential bases on government and business strategies and incentives. The business climate is strong coupled with enticing and positive government programs improves the opportunity to create wealth and become a profitable business venture. The business operating environment is changing as is employee expectations for employment. Business need to operate within these new and changing environments to be successful.  Foreign investments are encouraged by most governments with many incentives available to enhance businesses to leap to a new business climate. WPP has the knowledge and experience to create the new business venture and to create a smooth and successful business.

As tempting as the situation appears there is nothing more daunting than launching into a new economy for the first time with no experience or resources to help with this foreboding transition, i.e. passports, business licenses, hiring new employees, dealing with new laws, and business and employee regulations. Unless you are a larger multi-national with embedded resources in the US to assist with this complicated and difficult undertaking.

A new business within a new culture is daunting, complicated and often non-responsive unless the correct path is taken. Many challenges are encountered for first time businesses including finding a good resource to overcome the challenges, dealing with new laws, business regulations and customs, business licenses, hiring new and part time employees and marketing the new business. WPP has the resources and knowledge to overcome the obstacles.

The Process

Participating in the USA, South American and European business climates can be a once in a lifetime opportunity and should not be missed. However, moving into this foreign geography, or any foreign geography for that matter is an intricate undertaking requiring careful planning and flawless execution. As the old saying goes, "the devil is in the details." The effort may be daunting and intense, but the rewards will be great. The pavement is littered with failed attempts at this but with the right assistance, guidance and expertise, success can be assured.

  • Engage an experienced US-based resource to partner with and shepherd you through this difficult process.

  • Create a thorough and detailed plan addressing all aspects and potential problem areas.

  • Begin intense sector networking within the US at once with prominent individuals and organizations.

  • Engage a resource to conduct a comprehensive market analysis.

  • Be flexible and ready to change and adapt from your original ideas.

  • Listen to your advisor.

  • Make sure your supply chain and trading partners are aware of your plans.

  • Ensure your cash position is strong.

  • Assess the business, social, and environmental climates in the area before making a decision.


Thank you!

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