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Who are WPP's Clients?

  • Companies who wish to explore entering into the USA or South American, or European markets

  • Generally, companies that are well-established in their home country and regional markets

  • Public or private companies, or family businesses

  • Companies led by forward-looking executives with the drive to make such an important and far-reaching decision successful


Banner Pharmacaps

Each year our organization looks to the process that ISCS® birthed, to deliver millions of dollars to our bottom line….. ISCS® helped our company implement global sourcing to leverage our global spend across 5 locations around the globe with results above target and delivered savings directly to our bottom line. We now have a fully functional commodity management process that is ingrained into our culture and processes that continues to this day.  ISCS® “gets” sourcing and Supply Chain Management. 


- Mark Hardison Vice President of Operations


Banner secured the services of International Supply Chain Solutions®, an organization with considerable global experience in this area, to structure the program, conduct initial and ongoing training and serve as facilitator post implementation. ISCS delivered savings well into the seven figures in a relatively short period of time.


- Sal Fondaco Vice President Global Supply Chain


The assistance of your organization in helping us to model and redefine our supply chain was an essential component of an effort that allowed us to reduce significant cost from our supply chain. As you know, this effort allowed for millions of dollars of reduced inventory while allowing us to dramatically decrease our total cycle time from raw material supplier to our customers. This was accomplished during the largest period of growth for Intel. The efforts of your team were integral to this effort and are much appreciated.

- Steve Katz, Vice President Intel

Briggs & Stratton Corporation
Frank - I've heard a lot of positive things about this initiative and the direction you and your team have given to us. We don't use a lot of consultants because so many are not effective in the real world. I sense that you understand that one company's “best practice" can be another's Dunkirk. It's all about understanding a company's value discipline.

- John Shiely, President & CEO, Briggs & Stratton Corporation


As always I appreciate your persistence and passion and that of your team.  The first round of work has already given us some quick hits, driven reorganization in our materials / supply chain organization (taking the first steps to create one) and, as we discussed previously, significantly sped up key portions of the Kohler driven SCOR evaluation that we were scheduled to execute at the back half of this year.

- Paul Bartelt President, Kohler Engines

City of Seattle

ISCS® designed and implemented the citywide Procurement Improvement Process for the City of Seattle saving an initial $11 and continuing to generate an additional $2 million per year.  Other benefits derived from ISCS® recommendations include consolidation of vendor contracts, leveraging larger discounts; transactional simplification, decreases in cycle time for expense authorization and approvals; clarification of relationships between buyers, end-users and vendors resulting in process efficiencies and improved contract administration.

- Carol Taber, Copernicus Project Director, Charter I, City of Seattle

Checkpoint Systems

I wish to personally thank you and your team for the work you have done to date in helping us to create and install the Commodity Management process here at Checkpoint systems. The essential architecture, training coaching and overall general support has been invaluable to this effort. I hope that we have the opportunity to work together again in the near future and wish you and the team all the best.

- Jim Emerick, Vice President strategic sourcing, Checkpoint Systems

Cipalam Steel

WPP helped me realize an old dream of starting a business in the USA. More than that, from an idea, they built a business plan and started the study in a competent and responsible manner. I have so much to thank Fernando and Frank for the care and dedication that made possible the realization of this dream.

- Edilar Alvers, President & CEO, Cipalam Steel

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