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WPP Partners

Along with their dynamic team of successful business professionals, entrepreneurs, financial experts, immigration team, and business partners from every corner of the business market, WPP's partners will facilitate your move ensuring a quick and profitable startup.


Frank Wilhelm

President & CEO

World Profit Partners

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As a recognized and respected thought leader and innovator within the supply chain and consulting communities, Frank is highly sought after for his counsel and his ability to transform organizations into high impact generators of profit and creators of competitive advantage. Frank’s career has been hallmarked by his ability to transform organizations of every circumstance into effective enterprise level contributors. Frank brings over thirty years of extensive “hands on” U.S. and international Europe, Asia and South America management experience in virtually all facets of business. Frank focuses on expanding the prowess of the organization through full utilization of the extended enterprise. He has achieved dramatic results in both the private and public sector working with large multi-national corporations and government entities.

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Dan P Plute

Vice President
European Operations

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Mr. Plute has over 25 years of experience in project management, contract management and administration, procurement, supply chain management, manufacturing, traffic and logistics with private industry companies and government agencies. His experience includes managing consulting projects, preparing contracts, managing construction and engineering projects and overseeing consulting and operations including work on development bank projects. Mr. Plute has founded and managed a highly successful consulting and training organization. Dan’s involvement includes mining, power plants, telecommunications, federal and state governments, wastewater, manufacturing, oil and gas. Mr. Plute’s international experience includes work in Canada, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Columbia, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, South Africa, Spain, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, and Trinidad and Tobago.


Fernando Fenerich

Vice President

South American Operations

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Fernando is an international business management consultant with over 20 years of experience. He has accrued vast experience in Business Startups, leading successful implementation of High Technology enterprises in Brazil, Houston, Chicago, Eindhoven NE and other geographies. Fernando has a degree in Metallurgical Engineering, and Business Administration at Mackenzie University, a post-graduation in Materials Science from Politecnico di Torino, Italy, an MBA from Fundação Dom Cabral, and holds a CPIM c in Production and Inventory Management, from APICS, USA. He is fully fluent in Portuguese, English, Italian and Spanish.

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WPP is your trusted partner in success.

  • Proven expertise in international business

  • Qualified and stable professional executives

  • Entrepreneurial business leaders with outstanding proven integrity

  • Well-established strong relationships spanning the world

  • Global mindset - understand how to work globally

  • Bi-cultural executives with a deep understanding of foreign cultures

  • Multi-lingual with foreign language capabilities

  • Includes US residents who understand today's US realities and extensive experience of working globally

  • Worldwide network of experts

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